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How Affiliate Links Work

When I stopped with my last post “What is an Affiliate Link” I was demonstrating what your basic affiliate link looks like.  The last thing I was discussing was url variables and query strings. Lets me show you an example: The ? begins the identification of the query string.  The characters after the ?… Read More »

What is an Affiliate Link?

The answer to what is an affiliate link should be “as easy as pie”. An affiliate link is a clickable link that is used by a person (the affiliate) to post on their website to make the visitor aware of a product or a website that will hopefully earn the affiliate some money or referrals.… Read More »

Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Why Get Into Affiliate Marketing Here goes the lecture.  Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme so ignore the websites with the fancy houses and cars and the good looking young men holding a fistful of money that they say they earned over night. How badly do you want to make money in affiliate… Read More »