Bigfoot Purveyors

Slabs of dark chocolate and raspberry.
Organic Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate

A fantastic chocolate company dedicated to making healthy chocolate from ethically farmed cacao.

Six bars of Sacred Chocolate arranged in a staggering manner.

Gnosis Chocolate

Gnosis Chocolate markets themselves as the “Worlds Most Nutritious Chocolate”.  After you visit their site you will not be able to argue that.

Gnosis Chocolate logo.


TeraNut started as a high school project and became extremely popular among young athletes. They offer plant-based, gluten-free superfood snacks.

TerraNut Choco Nana Punch

Mylk Chocolate Heart from Sacred Chocolate

You can also visit at Amazon for great deals on chocolate from Sacred Chocolate.  I would worry a little bit about how Amazon ships chocolate.  If you buy directly from Sacred they know how to ship chocolate.

TerraNut Logo

TerraNut also advertises on Amazon  Since they make super foods their items are not exclusively all chocolate and are probably safe for Amazon to ship.

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