Sacred Chocolate Valentine

The Cardiozoic Age is upon us
The Age of the Heart
The word heart
Contains art
Contains hear
Move the H to the back and you have Earth
People who eat chocolate have fewer heart attacks
Chocolate hearts have been a way to say
‘I love you’ since the invention of the chocolate bar in Massachusetts in the 1820’s
The heart is our magnetic center
And requires magnesium
Magnesium is magnetic
Hence its name
Valentine’s Day is upon us
Thursday, February 14, 2019
It’s time to gift yourself and your loved ones
With Sacred Heart Chocolate.
Please enjoy our Valentine’s Day specials
Open your heart and discover your love…

Nothing compares to the comfort and counsel of the Sacred Heart. Only this portal within each of us has the power to change one’s life. Just being there is prayer; not a word needs to be uttered. Go there often. Live there. The more one goes there, the more one’s life will be transformed for the better. On this Valentine’s day, be sure to celebrate the Sacred Heart. In honor of the Sacred Heart, please enjoy the online coupon code heart for a special Valentine’s Day 15% discount, good from now through Feb 14, 2019.