Email Autoresponders-How They Help Your Business

Email Autoresponders-How They Help Your Business

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Your business cannot live without an Email Autoresponder

What Is An Email Autoresponder?

An autoresponder sends emails to your subscribers in the sequence that you wish them to receive the email.  This is a simple definition.

Say you have a 5-part tutorial campaign you want to deliver with a great sales page at the end your autoresponder will deliver that to your potential customers in the sequence you want.

The autoresponder will do this 365 days a year 24/7.  Just load your autoresponder up with the desired info and the sequence you want it delivered and away it goes.

Where do you Find Autoresponders?

Just look on Google and you will find a ton of information.  It maybe a little overwhelming at first.  I would start out with how much you are willing to invest.  There are free ones, Listwire is one.  I am a member and I use it for just one of my campaigns as Gary Ambrose the owner has put a message on Listwire informing his subscribers that the company can only accommodate 15 autoresponders per member.  This is fine with me.

Now your probably shaking your head now because I called Listwire an autoresponder and then in the same sentence said I could only create 15 autoresponders on it.  Listwire is an autoresponder system that allows its clients to create 15 autoresponders for free.

Don’t let this confuse you when you look for a service that you pay for. Another service is  This autoresponder charges $17.95 a month which does not increase no matter how many autoresponders you create or how big your list is.

The next two autoresponder systems I want to talk about is Aweber and Get Response. These two have more pizzazz then Trafficwave.  One thing you can do with Get Response is sync it with JVZoo to take care of your customers who buy products offered in your JVZoo account.

What does Get Response offer

  • Pricing is $15 a month for a list of 1000 up to $799 for a 100,000+
  • Responsive email design on all devices.
  • Visually appealing landing pages
  • Variety of opt-in Form templates
  • Webinar service

What does Aweber offer

  • Pricing is $15 a month for a list from 0-500.  10,001 up to 25,000 is $149.  Anything higher you have to contact them.
  • Integrates with third party sites
  • email templates

I have left out Mailchimp even though it has great pricing. Its great to start out with as you can have up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month. As Listwire is totally free and has no upgrade you can upgrade with Mailchimp as your business grows. Mailchimp has all the features I mentioned above in Aweber and Getresponse.

These are some of the most popular email autoresponder services out there, but they are not the only ones.

Say you have a customer that has already bought an item from you and he/she has bought it by clicking on a link in a email that so happens to be in an email series you have sent.  You really do not want to keep sending this particular customer the rest of the email series promoting the product. What do you do!  Click on the link below to see some unique email autoresponder companies that can help you with problems just like this one.

There are also autoresponders offered to the visitors of some websites which are promoted as free.  One is a website called GVO or Pureleverage.  Here is the link promoting the free autoresponder:

Another popular website is AllInOneProfits.  Basic membership is $10 monthly.  It promotes itself “as a complete business platform” and it is very popular.


When I first started out I signed up for a autoresponder that I paid to much a month for and lost money, be very careful when picking an autoresponder.  You have to think short term and long term together. So with a hyippy hi yea see you in the next post.


PS.  Heres a, what should I call it, a wake up call or if you would like, a guide:

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Email Autoresponders-How They Help Your Business

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