The Hottest Commodity in Affiliate Marketing

The Hottest Commodity in Affiliate Marketing

The Hottest Commodity is Traffic

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You would think that with over 3 billion internet users world wide (this is according to internet live stats) it would be a breeze to sell your products on the internet.  That is what I thought when I first got started, boy was I naive.

Lets make this short and sweet, here are the main issues that prevent you from clear sailing

  • The internet runs along the same lines as the real world.
    • There is the issue of trust
    • The product has to be of good quality.
    • Location, Location, Location

With this being said lets talk about traffic and how to get it.

The right way to get traffic is to create a website or a blog, which in the brick and mortar world would be the same as the location of your store.

On this blog or website you are going to create your store.  In this store is going to be articles and information about the items in your niche.  This is also how people are going to get to know you.   It could be a hobby that you want to turn into a money maker or a service.  There are alot of ways to make money on line.  This is where your going to start building your list.

Now you are probably saying to your self “I thought I only needed squeeze pages for that”.  Your right, not only do you need a squeeze page to advertise your product but its good business to also have a website or blog.  Your squeeze page is a map that leads visitors to your product and if they are interested they will sign up by giving you their information in the form of their name and email address.

You may also be interested in creating a newsletter which is basically an email.  Heres an example of a newsletter published by Sarah Starr that I subscribe to.  It looks alot fancier then a plain old email.  You can find autoresponders that advertise the service of creating newsletters out of emails on line.

How am I going to get traffic to my website

You have to get your website, blog or newsletter out there in order to accomplish what you really want. $$$ To do that you will need to get as much traffic as possible.  There is no such thing as to much traffic.

I am going to mention these 3 ways of getting traffic

  • Traffic Exchanges
    • I use this way but there are a few things you need to be aware of.  Each TE has finite members, traffic exchanges come and go, so you have to be flexible.  They maybe free to join but in order for you to get the most out of them you must upgrade.
    • That being said there are some great owners out there.
    • You can also make money from TE’s and win prizes.  Example:  SocialSurf4U

I am gong to send you to Warrior Forum for some opinions of TE’s .

  • Safelists
    • A safelist is a website where you can safely have your ad seen without worrying that it will be considered spam.  The website has its own membership which you are a member of when you sign up.  The rest of the members of the site are considered your list.  Example:  FreeSafelistMailer
    • They also have a finite amount of members and up grading gets you more.  Basically safelists and traffic exchanges are the same but for one thing.
    • They send you loads of emails to your inbox.  The concept is “if you read my email I will read yours”.  Traffic exchanges work along those lines but as soon as you click an icon the ad is in front of you.  With safelists you have to read an email then click a link which brings you to the ad.

Read what Jerry Iannucci says about safelists.  These are good way of list building as you can write an email about your product or service, etc. and then link it to your squeeze page.

  • Ad Websites and Adblasters
    • Ad website again have a finite amount of members but Adblasters pride themselves on having huge amounts of members and out side sources on hand to view your ad.
    • If you do decide to join one of these sites don’t be alarmed at the huge amount of services and information they offer you.  Example:  Blast My Ads
    •  Post Ads Daily has 165,000 members and its a little better organized.
    • Convert My Ads markets itself as “Effective Web Advertising”.

There are loads of these websites offering advertising for your business on the web.  You can either upgrade and save yourself some time with all the information and services they provide or use them for free.


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I just wanted to start this category with these 3 sources of traffic before I get into SEO.  The traffic sources I have on this blog post are used by a lot of people to advertise but they are not the only way to get yourself out there in the internet world.  There is social media and search engine optimization (SEO) which we will be getting into on my next blog post.

Don’t forget the hottest commodity in affiliate marketing is traffic and a lot of it.

To your success



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The Hottest Commodity in Affiliate Marketing

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