Target Yourself First

Target Yourself First

What Does That Mean….

Target Yourself First

You are interested in starting a business on line, that is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.  How are you going to do that and what what kind of business is it going to be.

In the last couple of posts we have talked about some of the tools that will help your business, this post will be about you.  I do not think if you truly want to be independent that if you want to earn money with your own business on the internet you can start out without not having a presence.  What I mean by that is that you have to have a image that people know and like.

<img src="/images/" alt= for the blog post "Target Yourself and Then Target Everybody Else"/>I think its more difficult on the internet if you wish to be an affiliate marketer because there is a trust problem.  Even I think everything I come across when I am doing research is a scam until proven otherwise.  Alot of this can be avoided if you have a image that people know and like.

The social media sites are a great place to start.  Facebook and You Tube, which is now owned by Google is a definite plus.  Start a channel on You Tube and show what you are interested in or passionate about through videos.  Everybody has a facebook page.  Facebook does not particularly like you selling anything on it through your posts but you can advertise for a price.  Also, look into a fan page on Facebook. On the Resource Page I have put a link to video tutorials on how to create a fan page on Facebook.

Pinterest is another social media platform that is outstanding for letting people know what your interests are and I have an youtube video here on how to put youtube videos on Pinterest.  This opens all sorts of creative ways to advertise and also getting your face out there. Here is the video:

Notice in the video how Lynne Huysamen is giving you a glimpse into her background and conveying a connection with her viewers.  This will help her in her business as people will know something about her and not see her as some stiff trying to sell something.

Show People Who You Are

You want to start doing that by first plastering yourself all over the internet with your own avatar.  You are probably thinking of avatars associated with the gaming world online, but they are also an image or a thumb photo of a person that is advertising a product, they are used in your profile in any money-making websites, TE’s or safelists in the internet marketing world and they are also used in forums.  Look in facebook and the little photos you see of your friends is an avatar.

Now some people like to use pictures of their cats, I did when I first started out because I could not find a picture I liked of myself.  You can change your avatar as time goes by with a more recent photo of yourself.  I would not do this until people have sufficiently got to know you.

Start this process by going to

After you have your photo up all over the place remember that it is important to make sure every website your visitors see you on is respectable and not scam worthy.  Do your research because people are watching, don’t think because you are working at your computer and people can’t see the flesh and blood you that they don’t remember you.  After all this is what this is all about creating a good reputation so that you will have a profitable business.  So target yourself first and then target everybody else.  I am going to leave you a great blog post that will give you plenty food for thought:


Jackie Buckley


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Target Yourself First

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